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Urban Fashion Trends Today And In The Past

Urban wear is one of the more popular fashion styles today. This can be owed to the basic fundamentals of the style: hip, unique and functional.  Urban wear is an everyday outfit. It offers people to be comfortable in their outfits and yet remain fashionable. The style is the city scene outfit that saw its birth from the hip hop culture and eventually evolving into an everyday man's clothing. But today's urban fashion is still rooted deeply on street wear and style. Many designers look at current street wear before releasing their new line-up. Styling your urban wear is not that difficult. Aside from designer brands, you can mix and match your outfits to achieve that “urban” look.

Comfort and functionality are some key features of urban wear. So if you feel uncomfortable and restricted, it is best to modify your outfit. Even though urban styles come and go rather quickly, there are some elements that always remain. Sneakers for instance. Since they are influences from the wardrobes of hip hop artists, sneakers will never be out of style. Just by changing the laces can help reinvent an otherwise old pair. Urban wear means continuous innovation and fresh styling. But just as T-shirts, baggy jeans and caps remain elements of urban wear (especially for men) skinny jeans, blazers and even suits are not far behind.

In pretty much all fashion styles accessorizing is as important a feat as choosing the clothes themselves. The heavy influences of hip-hop culture in urban fashion are also transferred to how men and women accessorize. Urban wear is to accessorize is not an understatement. Urban fashion accessories are as edgy or hip as the clothes they are matched with. They show innovative, unique and brilliant designs that are rooted in individuality, cultural and ethnic influences.

Urban Wear Versus Street Wear

However, one must differentiate urban fashion from street wear. Although, street wear has some degree of influences on urban fashion, the main genre that constitutes urban wear is the hip-hop culture that began in the late 70s. It was the hip-hop music that gave birth to the urban wear that we know today. This is why urban wear accessories are pretty much rooted on hip-hop as well. The accessories actually evolved from the simplistic colorful bracelets and earrings to the shiny, metallic bling blings.

Urban Wear Influences

The 80s hip-hop culture developed accessories the leaned towards the bold, gold and silver, attention-grabbing accessories showing  influences of African and Latino cultures. But further evolution of the style brought a more sophisticated and mature evolution of accessories as well. Accessories for the urban dwellers can now perfectly fit academic and professional environments unlike the loud bling blings before.

Urban Fashions Today

Today's urban women can use accessories like leather boots and bags which come in different colors and designs. Combining designer scarves, wide belts, clutches and tote bags with jeans, skirts, blazers and heels pretty much adds into glamorous urban attire. Wearing large and dangling earrings and multiple necklaces are considered acceptable accessories for urban wear as well. These accessories add hip and style to an otherwise boring wardrobe.

Moreover, recent trends have also seen the accessories from the 70s ad 80s making a come-back. It is perfectly okay to get your influences from that era. The hippie look is an acceptable subculture style of urban fashion. The loud colors and the use of tie dyes are present in the urban hippie accessories.

Urban fashion prides itself from having no rules to follow. It is not constricted by mainstream fashion and bases its style on the individuality and creativity of the designers and their cultural and ethnic influences. Nonetheless, when choosing accessories for urban wear it is necessary that you do follow some basic guides such as using dark tones like copper or gold colored accessories for people who have light complexions.

And just as urban wear reflects the personality of the wearer, one can go with less “loud” accessories if his/her personality is more subdued. This is in contrast with people who have bold characters which connote some daring outfits and more defined urban accessories.

Urban wear is to accessorize also means following the needs of the wearer. This concept revolves around the idea that everything in urban fashion should be functional and comfortable. Accessories for urban wear is highly dependent on personal styles and although do not follow any rules should adhere to some basic guides on aesthetics. It's just having a good fashion sense.

Since a lot of the urban population works in offices, the urban wear has learn to include the classic suit and tie. The tow toned classics for suits and shirts as well as conservative ties seem to be preferred by many of todays urban men. For the urban ladies, suits are paired with high heeled boots and blazers and accented with accessories like large belts and earrings, cardigans and oversize sunglasses. It is also common to see skinny jeans paired with heels as well as wool coats and pencil-thin skirts for the urban style, and never forget the eye-catching jewelry. The urban women can also create their own outfit. Combining clothing pieces from urban clothing brands with pieces of their own.

The 70s and 80s fashion are also becoming an integral element in urban fashion style. The hippie look with its bright colors as well as leg warmers are being integrated in today's urban clothing lineup. And with more and more younger people expressing themselves through clothes, it is not surprising to see tons of urban wear designs. The best place to see these are on online boutiques which are quickly becoming popular with the present generation. Some designers also try to revive old styles by adding some spice into an otherwise boring outfit.

When styling your urban wear, you will need to get your imagination and creativity into overdrive. Think unique. You can browse over urban fashion magazines and see how commercial brands style their product line. You can look into your ancestry and tap the rich cultural heritage that you might have. For instance, the influences of African culture were apparent in the urban wear designs of the 90s. Your Asian or European heritage might be able to help you come up with an urban wear design that is entirely yours.