Vintage Beaded Handbags

For a little over two centuries, the world of fashion has been graced with the creation of beaded handbags. Vintage beaded handbags are probably the most intricately designed handbags in the world. They are also one of the most expensive due to the amazing workmanship that the bags require. In the 1800’s, beaded bags cost around $5.00 per piece which rose to around $100 in the 1900’s. The bead itself underwent changes and this has been the marker for the age of a vintage beaded handbag. The size of the beads made in the 1800’s was very fine that a square-inch can be filled with about a thousand beads. Bag sizes were generally small, some almost purse-like.

Designs were also different when times change. Most vintage beaded handbags in the 1800’s were of a funeral motif which thankfully changed to landscapes, historical landmarks and even romance. There is however, a major design that ruled over the first few generations of vintage beaded handbags. This was composed of three horizontal layers secured to the bag by knitting. Attached to the bottom layer was usually fringe or a tassel at the center. The middle and largest layer contained the illustrations while the top layer contained a pattern to complete the whole design. For most vintage beaded handbags, a drawstring or a metal clasp closes the bag secure carried by a thin chain for a handle.

Vintage Josef Beaded Pink Handbag Purse Beggar With Accordion Gate Top
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Vintage Christiana Hand Beaded Boho Purse
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Beaded Vintage Purse Bag Silver Plate Large Flower Design Detailed 436 Grams
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Vintage Silver Micro Beaded Clutch Evening Bag Purse
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Antique Purse 1920s Purse Beaded Vintage Purse Flapper Handbag Fringe Boho
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Handmade Vintage Beaded Evening Clutch Made in India in Green and Gold
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Vintage Clutch Pearl Beaded Transparent Chain Luxury Purse Crossbody Buckle Bag
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Vintage beaded handbags are inherited treasures that have become witnesses to the generations it survived. These handcrafted masterpieces if well-maintained would fetch a good sum at an auction. However, keenness is imperative if in the position to purchase a vintage beaded handbag. These bags are quite famous that the piracy business have definitely duplicated. With the continued trade of cheap imitations, many of the vintage beaded handbags out in the market may likely be fake items. If the bag is unusually cheap, it’s probably a fake. Many of these bags, aside from antique shops, are available on the internet and auctions. Of course there are merchants that are quite careful with the integrity of their products. The bags are made sure to be in mint condition having no missing beads. Vintage beaded handbags sell at a maximum of around $1000, perhaps more on certain occasions. The best vintage beaded handbag cost a lifetime of memories and are inherited from older generations. Luckily there those who continue this tradition through custom made beaded handbags that are handcrafted to perfection.

The vintage beaded handbag is a classic beauty, an icon of fashion, an art form that depicts culture. It deserves preservation and like any other piece of history, respect.