Vintage Looks For The Modern Miss: Updating Beauty Techniques with Old School Glamour

Every Gal Needs Her Glamour

During World War Two consumer sales of lipsticks rose in a fashion never quite seen before by retailers. It seemed that in a time of hardship and worry, a subtle flash of glamour was a way of momentarily escaping the harrowing routine of wartime for the girls left behind.

Having been left to keep the home fires burning, land girls, factory workers and housewives were being urged by wartime propaganda to ‘Put Your Best Face Forward’. This is something that modern women seem to be enthusiastically taking onvintage-fashion-for-modern-girls board, as even during a double-dip recession, retail sales of beauty products have not suffered. The ‘Noughties’ girl who wants to have it all might have a bulging briefcase, but her vanity box is never far behind.

Purring 50’s Kitten to Fashion’s First Lady – Which Style Starlet Are You?

Glossy magazines are bursting with photographs of modern stylish women, but which of the icons of days gone by would you most like to mirror?

Get Veronica’s Va Va Voom!

If you’re saucy, sultry and seductive you may want to recreate the loose, luscious waves and bold red lips of 40’s Hollywood star Veronica Lake. The average 40’s girl would use raw eggs and beer on her hair to recreate Veronica’s glossy locks, or paint their legs with gravy browning to give the appearance of her expensive stockings. Fortunately, you no longer need to smell like a well-stocked store-cupboard to achieve this look!

For tumbling tresses there’s no need for pin curls and setting lotion, you can create vintage waves by using big velcro rollers and a styling spray that adds gloss and shine, as well as hold. To update the victory rolls worn by many a wartime-woman, simply sweep a section of hair away from the face using pretty, bejewelled hair slides and combs.

Red was the definitive lip-colour of the 40’s, however matt, bright and bold lips aren’t for everyone. You can hint at the look by using a lip stain or tint, building up the colour to your own taste and topping up with a high shine gloss.

Have You Got Audrey Appeal?

If you’re sweet, coquettish and quirky you might identify with 50’s movie star and style icon Audrey Hepburn.

In the 1958 film ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ Audrey wore her hair in typically 50’s beehive style. You can breathe a sigh of relief though, we no longer have to backcomb our hair to create this look and run the risk of looking like we have a bird’s nest on our heads. That would be a bad hair day to beat them all!

Height and volume can now be added to an ‘up-do’ by pinning a form of padding known as a ‘doughnut’ to the head and styling the hair over the top.

Eyes were big news in the 50’s and thick black eyeliner with a feline ‘tick’ on the upper lids were a must for every glamorous girl. In the 21st century, the key to creating this precision lined look is the gel eyeliner. Softer than liquid liners, gel liners are easily applied but with a staying power not achievable with a kohl pencil.

Put the ‘Oh!’ in Onassis!

If you’re strong, statuesque and sassy then you might want to copy First Lady, Jackie Kennedy-Onassis’ era defining bob.

Hairdressers can now use layers and razor cutting to create a far less heavy look. This is now a versatile style that can go from super sleek, with the use of a shine serum, to edgy and texturised, by using a matt effect paste.

If you’re a converted vintage vixen, or a beauty professional being asked to recreate the latest looks, it is important to have the right beauty products and a good quality vanity box to ensure those products remain in vintage condition.