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What Your Accessories Say About You

Every girl out there will know that, when planning an outfit, the accessories that you choose are what can really help to finish everything off perfectly. Accessories can really bring together the rest of an outfit and you can choose from a huge range of accessories as well, so there ought to always be something available that will suit your outfit.

However, your accessories will also be conveying a message to the world and they can allow people to make snap decisions about the kind of person that you are. First impressions count for everything in today’s world, so no matter where you are going you should always make sure that your accessories are saying the right things about you.

Michael Kors 2013 Hamilton Whipped Leather Tote Bag BrownHere are some of my thoughts on accessories and what they might be saying about you:

Colourful accessories

If you tend to reach for brightly colours accessories that really stand out against the rest of your outfit, this will instinctively be telling people that you're confident, exciting and fun. These accessories will instantly catch everyone's eye, which will make you the centre of attention, so if you don't like having all eyes on you, put down that hot pink pendant right now!

Quirky accessories

Wearing quirky accessories can set you apart as a bit of a frontrunner for fashion. If you always hunt for the odd accessories, such as earrings with retro motifs or homemade necklaces, people are likely to find you interesting, ‘out there’ and a person that isn't afraid to take risks. This certainly isn't a bad thing though - power to you for trying something new!

Subtle accessories

While many people think that wearing subtle accessories can make you seem a little bit boring, this couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, these accessories can make you appear quiet, thoughtful and wise, and if you like to choose accessories that match perfectly with the clothing you're wearing, it will also give you a methodical and fashion-forward vibe.

Key accessories

Sometimes less really is more, and for those that choose to wear just one or two accessories each day this will definitely come across well. Rather than loading their outfit up with accessories all over the place, these people go for key accessories that will complement their outfit well. This can mean that the person is canny when it comes to fashion, and this can be related to a logical thinker in everyday life.

Retro accessories

Re-using old accessories is one of the best trends of 2012, although a lot of people have chosen to go for new accessories that have been given that ‘retro’ look. Wearing retro accessories is bang on trend at the moment, so people seen wearing them will instantly come off as up-to-date with the trends and so will be fashionable and on the ball.

Oversized accessories

Oversized accessories can include big bags, big belt buckles and big hoop earrings, and this will instantly convey a message of confidence and excess, which can be a great option for job interview outfits!

What do you think your accessories are saying about you? 

This post was contributed by Christina Jones a freelance fashion writer who loves everything from high street to high end such as designer evening gowns and designer bags