Why Is It So Difficult To Be Dress Cool?

In the internet age we live in it is becoming increasingly difficult to be cool and innovative. The amount of competition there is online makes it so hard to find the right outfits that suit you but looks cool. Guys with the biggest bankroll can often upstage the men with less bulging wallets on the style front and thus dressing in a cool way is becoming increasingly correlative with the amount of money you have.

This article will highlight the three main reasons why it is becoming progressively difficult to dress in a stylish way and provide the reader with ways around this frustrating trend. Being cool doesn't necessarily mean keeping up with the latest trends and buying the latest trainers.

It is more about transferring an image to your friends and family that is believable, innovative and confidently carried. If you can do that successfully then being "cool" isn't really as difficult as it is made out to be by many.

Too Many Stores

It is becoming so hard to dress in a cool manner because of the sheer amount of online and high street stores that are out there. Many of you will be thinking surely this is beneficial to those looking to enhance their wardrobe.

In a way yes but it is much harder to perfect the style you are looking for and find the right clothing that suits you. Many of the stores sell the same things and offer no variety.

This is why you have got to hit the internet, stores such as J-Bees offer a variety of men's jackets and trainers that will allow you to perfect a cool urban image.

The list of stores online is extensive and while previously I have criticized this if you have an idea in your head that you want then you have to tools at your disposal to create the killer wardrobe.

Having a perfect jacket can complement your whole outfit a take it to the next level, may it be leather or denim, purchasing a great jacket is must when trying to enhance your reputation and image.

People become synonymous with the clothes they wear and if you have a rare jacket coupled with a great pair of jeans and a vintage pair of shoes then you are on the way to success, not to mention gaining kudos in the eyes of the ladies.

At the end of the day, guys dress the way they to impress the opposite sex, why do you think the rise of the hipster has been so quick?

Blurred Lines

The boundaries surrounding what is cool and what isn't are extremely blurred; nowadays it is cool to wear your grandparent's clothes yet if you came out wearing the latest Adidas trainers you will get laughed out of the club. The fashion scene has become a fierce competition and you have to keep on track with it to avoid embarrassment.

Loss of Confidence

People have lost confidence in themselves and the way they dress. People have such unusual perceptions of cool in the modern era and it has left those who thought jeans and trainers are cool behind, it is a very sad state of affairs.