Wild Weather Means Stay Flexible With Your Fashion

Climate change isn't just for scientists and nerds any more Fashionistas need to start paying attention as well. The "wild weather" reports on the nightly news are increasingly common, and 2013 is already showing signs of being one of the most unpredictable years weather-wise in decades. No matter where you fall on the sceptic-believer scale of climate change, you can't deny the flooding, increased rainfall, and snow in late May we've been seeing. You maybecan't save the world, (unless you can, in which case, my goodness, what are you waiting for?) but you can save yourself or at least your wardrobe. Here's how to adapt and thrive in the changing weather world we now live in.

Keep Your Closet Stocked

The seasons aren't what they used to be. While years as a whole may be warmer than ever, summers seems cooler and the cycle of rainy and sunny is faster and more volatile than ever. The result? You can't necessarily put all of your Winter clothes away in the Spring or your Summer duds away in the Fall. Keep a few things on hand for unseasonably warm or cool days, because they're coming, and more and more often, too.

Stay Dry

Raingear is going to be the new black, we think. A warmer world means more rain because there's more energy in the air so make sure you've more than one pair of Wellies and more than one raincoat one for formal occasions and one for dashing out to the movies might not be a bad approach!

Another aspect of the new rainy seasons is to stay away from delicate stuff like suede, and consider your uber-expensive shoes. Is it time to resurrect that old time habit of wearing trainers to work and then slipping on something sexy?

Flexibility for the Win

This kind of "wild" weather is marked by severe shifts freezing on Monday, broiling on Tuesday, a blizzard on Wednesday and a melting mess on Thursday. So start to create your outfits for maximum flexibility. Layers that can go on and off as the temperatures change, matching jackets, separates that can come or go as the sun rises or hides behind clouds. The more ready you are for weather shifts, the happier you'll be all the time.

Think Layers

When you can't predict what the weather will be like in eight hours, layers are your friends. Being able to stay warm with a cute sweater and some tights in the morning and then strip it down a bit to feel the breeze as the afternoon warms up will allow you to look good and to feel good, no matter what the crazy weather is doing.

Boots Instead of Heels

Everyone likes the way those chunky heels look on you, but if you're slogging through flooded streets or sliding your way to certain death on glacier-like sidewalks, boots will be the New Black when it comes to shoes. Boots look good all the time and protect you from the wet, cold nastiness that comes with sudden storms and ageing drainage systems in the big cities so make the shift from Louboutins to blinged-out Cowboy Boots sooner rather than later.

Remember: It doesn't matter why the weather has gotten so nuts. All that matters is that you're ready to look good while braving it!

Vari is a regular blogger and has recently started writing for Glitterstore.co.uk A UK online cosmetics store. She enjoys writing about all things fashion, makeup and hair related. Her favourite product at the moment is sleep in rollers as they simply makes life easier in the mornings!