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Women’s Style Trends Men Don’t Understand

   Men are often left flummoxed by items that women will choose to wear. Whereas the fairer sex may think that a love of retro accessories may make them adorably twee, many may find this juvenile. Similarly, some women may think that leopard print items are lively and sassy additions to their wardrobe whilst men may think that they are tacky. Here are a few more examples of the disparity between male and female ideas of dressing.


   The denim overall item is the type of thing that many fashionistas will sport in the belief that many men will think they look cute. Regardless of whether the item in question are full length or shorts, men are more likely to wonder why adults are wearing items that seem too young for girls by the time they start school and look ludicrous on adults.

Over-age Dressing

   At the other end of the age appropriate dressing spectrum are women who seemingly attempt to dress far older than they actually are and, on many an occasion, from an entirely different era. In polemic to the juvenility of dungarees, are women who chose to plump for “retro” floral print dresses designed for older women in the 60s and earlier teamed with ankle boots and socks. Not only does this look not flatter the wearer, it can also occasionally look rather bizarre.

Leopard Print

   Whilst some ladies will associate leopard print with a timeless glamour, and favour the print due to the fact it is easy to wear, many men do not hold the pattern in the same high esteem. Tacky is one of the kinder adjectives that can be associated with the trend and, for some, the pattern is too synonymous with Eastenders’ Pat Butcher for it to be considered in anything other than the clothing of choice for a certain woman of age.


   Jumpsuits are items that seem to only occur in two places. The first, like dungarees, is in the nursery. The second, which is testament to the artificiality of the events, is on the catwalk. Jumpsuits are incredibly shapeless and do little to flatter professional models whilst on the catwalk – they are certainly not a good choice of item to wear casually or, even stranger, on a night out.

Harem Pants

   Another item of clothing sported by models which flummox men about why women would want to wear them. Although ladies may think that the loose fitting garments are not only incredibly comfortable but also cool and exotic, men are more likely to think that she is trying to replicate MC Hammer’s signature look from the early 90s. Not a great look!

Heel-less Shoes

   Whilst men understand the aesthetic property of high heeled shoes, they also appreciate the fact that they aren’t entirely comfortable and get confused by women who wear nothing but vertiginous heels at all times. What is more confusing, however, are the latest propensity of various designers to invent shoes shaped like high heels but without the actual pointed heel attached. These shoes don’t look half as good as their traditional counterparts and also are bound to be much more painful for the wearer.

Keith is a fashion blogger who struggles to understand many women's fashion trends. He has written this article on behalf of Barratts Shoes UK